Turkey Gulet Weddings

Turkey Gulet Weddings

A wedding is a very personal event in everybodys life. Whenever this moment is coming, it should be perfect, just the way you have always dreamed of it. Nowadays in modern times more and more bridal couples want to set themselves apart from others and want their weddings in form of a special event.

Turkey Gulet Weddings

To all the bridal couples who are still looking for the right event and location, we are recommending boat weddings Turkey. There is nothing more breathtaking than saying “yes” to the person you love, while you are standing on deck of your private gulet, holding hands, looking in each others eyes and having this impressive scenery with blue endless sea, sandy beaches, sunshine, colourful nature and rocky mountains around you. For exchanging vows you can stop in a bay.

In the background you hear the sound of the sea. Family and friends are joining you in your special moment. After you exchanged vows and kissed each other, your personal wedding song starts playing and the deck is all yours for your first dance as husband and wife. While your gulet cruise continues, you are celebrating your wedding. Sit together, enjoy the food and beverage menu, laugh and dance a lot until the middle of the night.


As for sure you will be very stressed during the prepartion for your wedding at sea, we are there to help and assist you. A big advantage of a boat wedding is the intimacy. As you will be on board a gulet, the number of guests is limited. You can have the gulet decorated to tie with your wedding colours. We can help you to arrange all the wished flowers, candles, ballons, wedding cake etc. Just let us know what your dream wedding at sea should be like and qwe do our best to realize it for you.
wedding is a profoundly personal milestone in every individual’s life. The journey toward this cherished moment is often filled with anticipation, excitement, and the desire for perfection—after all, it’s the day when dreams are woven into reality. In today’s modern era, an increasing number of couples seek to transcend conventions, crafting weddings that are not just ceremonies but extraordinary events imbued with uniqueness and distinction.

For those couples yearning to create an indelible memory, a wedding set against the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean waters beckons—an experience that marries the beauty of love with the magnificence of nature. Enter the realm of boat weddings in Turkey, where romance and scenic splendor blend harmoniously to script the most enchanting chapters of a love story.

To all the brides and grooms still searching for the perfect canvas on which to paint their love story, we extend an invitation to explore the allure of boat weddings in Turkey. There is an ethereal magic to pledging eternal love while standing on the deck of a private gulet, hand in hand, eyes locked in a promise, surrounded by the awe-inspiring panorama of the endless blue sea, the sun-kissed beaches, the vibrant hues of nature, and the majestic embrace of rocky mountains. Imagine exchanging vows in the embrace of a secluded bay, the soothing rhythm of the waves serenading your union.


As the gentle murmur of the sea provides a tender symphony, your closest family and friends bear witness to this sublime moment—a moment that etches itself in their hearts as well. Once the vows have been exchanged and the cherished kiss shared, a personalized wedding song envelops the air, and the deck becomes your stage for the first dance as husband and wife. With your gulet gracefully sailing forward, the celebration of your union continues. Amid laughter, conversation, dancing, and the clinking of glasses, you revel in the joy of your love story, surrounded by the caress of the sea breeze.

We understand that the journey toward your boat wedding may evoke a mixture of excitement and stress. That’s where we come in, as your trusted partners to ensure that every facet of your dream wedding at sea unfolds seamlessly. The intimacy of a boat wedding is one of its greatest virtues. With limited guest numbers onboard a gulet, the atmosphere is curated for closeness, enabling you to share your special day with those nearest and dearest to your heart.

Personalization is the essence of a boat wedding. Your gulet can be adorned with decorations that resonate with your wedding colors, setting the stage for an enchanting ambiance. Whether it’s an arrangement of your preferred flowers, the soft glow of candles, vibrant balloons, or a wedding cake that reflects your style, we’re here to turn your vision into reality. Share with us your dream, and we’ll weave it into the fabric of your wedding at sea.

A boat wedding in Turkey is more than a ceremony; it’s a symphony of love, nature, and celebration. As you sail toward forever, your love story becomes a chapter that will be cherished for generations. Amid the embrace of the sea, the warmth of the sun, and the timeless allure of the Mediterranean, your boat wedding will unfold as a masterpiece of love, a testament to the extraordinary journey of two souls intertwined.

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