Book The Right Gulet Holiday

Book The Right Gulet Holiday?

To realize whether or not you have decided on the right gulet boat is determinded by asking the right questions and getting the right answers about gulet holidays in Turkey. Therefore, you won’t know unless you ask. On the other hand, if you are not familar with gulet charters then you probably won’t know what to ask or where to begin asking. This is where your yacht agent should be able to provide all the information that you need to know right from the start – in order to help you make a wise choice in hiring a gulet. The worst feeling is to find things out that aren’t for you, during your vacation, and try to make the best of it, without spoiling not only your mood but also those who are on board with you.

There are six major points that make up the ingredients of a gulet boat vacation; the gulet, the crew, the food, the cabins, the itinerary, and the price (not in any particular order).

Book The Right Gulet Holiday

Price is very important. If the agent knows how much you can allocate for your gulet charter, the rest falls into place by choice. The aim of the agent is to make offers that are related to your expectations if your price range allows for it. You can’t expect a jet skii to be included in the price if your gulet rental is 1,500€ a day. This added water sport activity is usually included in some of the High Deluxe gulets or VIP class gulets. Otherwise it is an extra cost to your base gulet boat rental. The whole objective is to make the plans you have, become real, with the price you can afford. So the more you can express to the agent, the better he/she can shortlist the appropriate gulets to offer you. There are times some agents may not “listen” and offer gulets that are nowhere near what you are expecting. So do make sure that your agent is paying attention to your questions and not just shooting off gulets the he/she wants to charter. If there is a request from your side that cannot be done, the agent should at least explain the reason why.

The crew can either spoil your gulet vacation or make it the best ever. You don’t really have a choice in crew as they are selected by either the captain or the owner of the gulet. But it is the agent’s responsibility to offer you a boat that has a crew who will keep you happy and if not, more than satisfied during your blue cruise holiday – afterall, they are on board to serve their guests.

Among the crew, the key role after the captain is the chef. His/her cooking must be enjoyable, tasty and prepared to your satisfaction. However, if you have any allegeries, or a vegetarian, or prefer certain foods, this information must also be given to the agent in advance as each gulet has their own chef that specializes in certain menus. Many of them are good chefs in Turkish cuisine. But if you are looking for a menu outside of the Turkish kitchen, let your agent know, so that they can source the gulet that will have a chef who is capable of cooking these foods or have the gulet owner find the right chef to accommodate your menu choice.


Book The Right Gulet Holiday

The cabins are a flexible choice. If you are all couples only in your group, than a gulet that offers all double cabins would be ideal, or at least one master cabin and the rest double cabins. However if you are a family, you might like a gulet that offers at least one or two master or double cabins and the others twin or triple cabins. So when you are advising your yacht charter agent the number of guests that will be coming on board, let he/she know if there are any children (maybe even their ages) so that they again can source the best choice of gulets ideal for family gulet cruise holidays.

Yacht charter itineraries are probably the most flexible of features in a blue cruise holiday. The sea is open to everyone. Therefore this subject is quite broad. You may start out with a Bodrum – Marmaris – Bodrum itinerary but end up with a slightly different route. Should your plans to just do a one way itinerary, this fact must be known in advance so that the agent can know where to book the gulet for a following tour – from the last embarkation point of the gulet.


Book The Right Gulet Holiday

Other items to think about when you book a gulet, is packing for your trip. It is suggested that you pack light with soft luggage so that they can easily be put away in the cabins without taking up any free space. It can also make it stuffy in the cabins if you have too much with you. This is a holiday at sea. It’s usually hot outside, so unless you are going on a biking or hiking trip where you need extra gear, the best way is a lighter load. Please also keep in mind that you can purchase items along the route at major harbors that you can dispose of later if need be.

This is a basic overview to book a gulet vacation. For more details, it is advisable to discuss your needs and requirements with a knowledgeable yacht charter agent.
Embarking on a gulet sailing holiday is a journey filled with anticipation and excitement. However, ensuring that you’ve chosen the right gulet boat to make your dream voyage a reality requires asking the right questions and gaining insightful answers. In the realm of gulet holidays in Turkey, the path to satisfaction is paved with information. Yet, for those unfamiliar with gulet charters, knowing where to begin and what to inquire about can be a challenge. This is where a seasoned yacht agent steps in, ready to provide you with the knowledge and guidance needed to make an informed choice that aligns perfectly with your desires.

Within the realm of gulet charters, there are six pivotal elements that compose the ingredients of a remarkable gulet boat vacation: the gulet itself, the crew, the culinary experience, the cabins, the itinerary, and the pricing (not necessarily in this order). Each of these facets plays an integral role in shaping your journey, ensuring that every moment aboard your chosen gulet resonates with comfort, enjoyment, and satisfaction.

Undoubtedly, the question of price holds paramount importance. By sharing your budget allocation with your yacht agent, you set the stage for a tailor-made selection process. The agent’s aim is to present you with options that align with your expectations and financial parameters. It’s essential to note that the inclusions in your gulet rental are contingent on your budget. For instance, water sport activities like jet skiing are often part of the offering in High Deluxe or VIP class gulets, while other gulet types may consider them add-on features. Effective communication with your agent enables them to craft a plan that translates your aspirations into a feasible reality.

The crew onboard your gulet can significantly influence the quality of your experience. While you may not have a direct say in crew selection, it’s the responsibility of your agent to match you with a gulet that boasts a crew capable of turning your voyage into an exceptional journey. Among the crew, the chef occupies a pivotal role. The enjoyment of your culinary experiences hinges on their expertise. Communicate your dietary preferences, allergies, and any special requests with your agent in advance, allowing them to align your choices with a gulet that offers a culinary experience tailored to your palate.

Cabins aboard a gulet are a flexible aspect, adapting to the composition of your group. Couples may seek cabins with double beds, while families might opt for a mix of master, double, twin, or triple cabins to accommodate their needs. Informing your agent of the number of guests and any children in your group empowers them to source a gulet that aligns seamlessly with your preferences.

The gulet charter itinerary is a canvas of exploration awaiting your touch. Your voyage is open to customization, and you may find that your intended route evolves along the way. If you’re considering a one-way itinerary, inform your agent in advance to ensure seamless transitions between embarkation points.

As you pack for your gulet adventure, consider the practicality of soft luggage, which can be stored easily in the cabins. Given the warm climate and the leisurely pace of a sea holiday, packing light is advisable. Remember that essentials can often be obtained at harbors along the route.

This overview serves as a starting point to guide your journey into booking the ideal gulet vacation. For a more comprehensive understanding tailored to your specific desires, engaging in a detailed conversation with a knowledgeable yacht charter agent is paramount. With their expertise as your compass, you can navigate the sea of choices with confidence, embarking on a gulet sailing holiday that aligns seamlessly with your dreams and expectations.



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