Sailing in Turkey

Sailing in Turkey

The allure of gulets, with their elegant sails unfurled against the backdrop of the azure seas, conjures up romantic visions of leisurely cruises driven by the gentle breath of the wind. However, for those embarking on a gulet cruise, the reality often seems to differ from the imagery portrayed in those idyllic snapshots. The question arises: why aren’t the sails out all the time? Unraveling this curiosity requires delving into the nuanced nature of gulets and the intricate dance between their sail and motor capabilities.

Gulets, renowned for their distinctive charm akin to schooners, are actually classified as motorsailers. While the iconic sails do grace the gulet’s silhouette, these vessels are primarily propelled by diesel engines rather than wind power. The distribution of power sources varies based on the intricacies of gulet construction. Some gulets strike a harmonious balance with a 50/50 usage ratio between sails and diesel, while others lean more heavily towards the latter, operating on a 30/70 split.

Beyond their dual-mast elegance, gulets can also be found in configurations featuring a single mast or even three. The enchanting Turkish coast becomes a playground for these vessels, as they sail through the cerulean waters and navigate historical harbors. However, the extent to which the sails can be fully embraced relies on an array of factors. The topography of the gulet charter route plays a pivotal role, as not all stretches of the sea are conducive to full sail deployment. This determination is primarily left to the captain, whose intimate knowledge of the waters guides this decision-making process.

On the most coveted gulet sailing cruises, passengers can anticipate three to four days of sailing throughout the week-long journey. This, of course, hinges on the captain’s assessment of various elements such as wind conditions, navigation feasibility, and overall safety. The technicalities aside, these sailing interludes offer an intimate experience of gliding through the Mediterranean’s embrace, a profound connection with the sea that words cannot adequately encapsulate.

sailing in turkey


As the gulet sails embrace the gentle winds, each cruising day typically spans around 3 to 4 hours. The remainder of the time is an ode to relaxation and exploration. Anchored in picturesque bays, guests savor their Blue cruise meals, bask in the sun’s warmth, indulge in water sports, or plunge into the crystalline waters. Each moment becomes an opportunity for rejuvenation, whether it’s lounging on the deck with a captivating read or embarking on inland adventures to unearth historical treasures.

A gulet charter, however, can be tailored beyond its nautical dimensions. While the synergy of gulet and sea is paramount, additional activities can be seamlessly integrated to create a holistic experience. Land excursions, hiking escapades, or cycling journeys are just a few options to enrich the voyage. Collaborating with the yacht charter agent beforehand ensures that these personalized touches are harmoniously woven into the fabric of your maritime sojourn.


While the sails may not be a constant companion, a luxury gulet sailing charter offers a symphony of experiences that extends far beyond the windswept sails. The rhythm of the sea guides the journey, punctuated by moments of exploration, relaxation, and cultural immersion. Every gulet charter is a bespoke creation, crafted to align with the desires and expectations of the guests. Flexibility is key, as safety and practicality often shape the boundaries of what’s feasible.

For those yearning to immerse themselves in the authentic embrace of a traditional Turkish gulet sailing holiday, the voyage becomes a timeless exploration through the mystique of the Mediterranean and Aegean, where every wave carries a fragment of history and every breeze whispers tales of distant shores. A gulet charter, at its heart, is not merely a journey—it’s an odyssey into the essence of the maritime realm, a voyage that transcends time and transports you to the soul of the sea.

We always see photos of gulets with their sails out. Then we venture on a gulet cruise and wonder why the sails are not out all the time. If we don’t know much about gulets and the sailing they do partake in, we feel disappointed as the expectation of living the journey on a sailing holiday doesn’t surface completely. However, gulets are designed to cruise and but can also sail; more so to cruise. This is due to their design and concept. Although gulets are sort of reminescent of a schooner, they are in fact classified as motorsailers. This basically means that they run on diesel most often then on sail power. The power usage is spit based on the gulet construction. Some gulets run 50/50, while others can run 30/70 in favor of diesel. Gulet are know to have two masts. However there are gulets designed and constructed with one or three.


Sailing in Turkey

During the most popular planned gulet sailing cruises, gulets are expected to offer guests the pleasure of sailing 3 or 4 days out of that week. The sailing part really is dependent on a variety of criteria. Without getting technical, there are parts of a gulet charter route that allows for sailing and some regions can’t. Not all areas at sea will be sufficient for the gulet to be powered by sails only. This is up to the captain as he/she knows the waters the best than the rest of the crew.

During these gulet sailing holidays, the cruising time per day is around 3 to 4 hours. The rest of the time guests are anchored at a lovely bay or harbor; possibly a secluded cove. When anchored, guests are either having their blue cruise meal, lounging about, sunbathing on the deck with a refreshing drink or a good read or simply soaking in the Mediterranean sun. While others could be doing water sports or swimming in the cooling sea, or ashore going shopping and site seeing to places of historical interest. There are other activities that guest cruises do offer on these enjoyable gulet charter holidays in Turkey. Activities in combination with gulet charter holiday could be land travel trips such as hiking and cycling. There is a great deal of combinations that can be organized with gulet sailing vacations. These additions can be discussed with the yacht charter agent in advance so that everything is ready prior to the trip.

When you hire a gulet for luxury gulet sailing, and to see the breathtaking destinations available in Turkey as well as Greece, you can certainly expect to experience gulet cruises as a part of a sailing holiday in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas.

Sailing in Turkey

Each gulet holiday experience is planned around the guests. Therefore a custom designed yacht charter is prepared according to the guest’s expectations and requirements. There may be certain limitations and this could be based on safety and feasibility. If the whole gulet cruise were to be a complete sailing holiday, there would not be enough time to fulfil the span of the itnerary in most cases. However, if guests wish to have a total sailing vacation, this can be arranged as well.

If your desire is to live the true experience of a traditional Turkish gulet sailing holiday, then why not embark on a discovery within the realms of mystical times in a medley of pure Mediterranean culture at sea.



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