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Turkey Gulet Charter

Turkey Gulet Charter

Turkey Gulet Charter

Gulet Charter Turkey – These days holidaymakers are seeking unique and exciting ways to spend their holidays abroad. Different styles of accommodation are available in various ways, usually on land. But what about at sea? Yes there are cruise ships, motor yachts and bareboats. There are also gullets. These beautiful vessels are Turkish handmade wooden sailboats and grace the waters of the Mediterranean each year on Blue Cruises. Compared to the other yacht types, gullets may sound simple as just a wooden boat. However, on the contrary. Turkish gulets are actually quite unique.

The origin and the capital of these elegant vessels are the ever so exciting seaside city of Bodrum, Turkey. They do however manufacture gulets in the town of Bozburun, Marmaris as well. Not one gulet will be the exact replica as the next – such like a factory reproduction, making them all the more alluring to their guests.

Not only are they special in design but also in the feeling of being at sea on a yacht cruise. Gulets give a new meaning to yacht cruises in Turkey with each of their special qualities. There are so many different styles and designs, as well as classifications for various budgets.

You can choose from Standard gulets, the most basic without air conditioning to Luxury gulets, Deluxe gulets, and High Deluxe gulets. However the top of line are the VIP gulets (sometimes referred to as High Deluxe – but much better); such high class yachts are Gora, Mare Nostrum and Cobra Infinity, to name a few. There are less of VIP gulets than there are High Deluxe. Just as the same is for Deluxe gulets where there is more Deluxe class gulets than there are High Deluxe gulets.

If you are pondering the thought of a special holiday to spend with your friends and family, private gulet charters from Turkey may just be the route to take this season! Find out more on a Turkey gulet charter!