Blue Cruise Turkey

Blue Cruise Turkey

Blue cruise Turkey are one of the most popular holiday styles in the Mediterranean and Aegean. These superb blue cruises begin with a elegant and well designed gulet. Gulet charters are exclusive and private Turkish yachts designed for ultimate relaxation and/or pure fun and adventure. These are special handcrafted wooden sailboats otherwise referred to as motor sailers. They become a central part of your gulet cruise as your accommodation at sea. In order to appreciate the significance of a Turkish gulet a traveler should experience an exceptional blue cruise in Turkey.

Blue Cruise Turkey

Even though the start of a blue cruise holidays is aboard a lovely Turkish gulet, the additional images that will complete the portrait are also the cruise destinations that these beautiful gulet boats sail and cruise to. Then the finishing touches are added with the right crew and the fresh and tasty cuisine from the Turkish kitchen. The crew provides the services to pamper travelers, spoil them while they experience the pleasures of their holiday, then voila, you have yourself a Mediterranean style Blue voyage to enjoy.

Blue Voyage Tours Turkey

Blue cruise tours in Turkey destinations may include the ancient King rock tombs of Caunos in Dalyan, nearby Marmaris. Travelers might also like to visit the incredible, ancient underwater city of Simena in Kekova – in the Antalya area. A Mediterranean blue cruise from Fethiye could also lead you to one of the worlds most photographed beach – Oludeniz. In the same region, a stopover in the 12 islands of Gocek may present the desire to even stay overnight. Further over to the west in the Aegean, holidaymakers could also explore the sights and sounds of Bodrum’s St. Peters castle and complete their entertainment with the fabulous nightlife that Bodrum is so famous for. Going back to history, there is also the ancient grounds of where you will find the statue of Aphrodite in the Datca peninsula, called Knidos. Reaching Knidos feels like reaching the worlds’ end – as there is no further point from the peninsula for miles and miles. These treasures are just a few of the many places to discover while on your Turkey blue cruise travels.

If you feel a bit more like island hopping, the Greek Islands possess some of the most incredible island beaches and bays. With all the many island groups present in Greece, from the Dodecanese to the Cyclades and beyond, it is surely a region of the Aegean that will offer much to see.

Blue Cruise Turkey

There are many known variations of blue voyage holidays around the globe. The variety depends on which part of the world you are beginning such a journey. Each voyage offers its own unique qualities and a magnificent holiday pleasure at its best. However the gulet charter holidays known in these parts are seen somewhat differently. It could be because of the climate. Maybe it might have to do with the culture. It could also be that it’s the vessel that takes the leading role on this journey. However, it could also be all of the above. Whatever the reasons are, it is certainly an adventurous blue voyage with special memories to cherish and share with your family and friends – for a lifetime.

Travel Destinations
The gulet blue cruise tour season is offered from early April to the end of October. The most pleasant and preferrerd yachting months are May, June, September and October; where the temperatures are just right for both the sea and land!

Generally one or two night stays are planned in the lively and colorful harbors of Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek or Fethiye. It all depends on the itinerary that has been organized. In addition to these fabulous ports, there are many small islands, secluded bays and coves, sunken and mysterious ruins waiting to be discovered.

Blue Cruise Turkey

The warm waters of the deep blue sea is ever so tempting. One might say that it is very difficult to resist to take a plunge or venture off to do some diving into the world of the Mediterranean and Aegean. All blue cruise gulet charters carry the necessary equipment for snorkeling should you wish to swim in search of fish or simply enjoy the wonders of the underwater world below. Bringing an underwater camera would be a bonus!

There is a great selection of itineraries to choose from. If you would prefer something more personal and custom made to your requirements, you can decide on a well planned custom yacht holiday rental in Turkey.

A wonderful blue cruise Turkey holiday awaits for those who desire being at sea. The decades old, world famous blue cruise that is the dream that many travelers from all over have made happen. It begins with the desiring the dream, that later turns to planning a reality. Then it’s off to go cruising into the Mediterranean sunset…

Gulet Rental

In the sun-kissed embrace of the Mediterranean and Aegean waters lies a holiday experience that transcends ordinary escapades. Welcome to the enchanting world of blue cruise Turkey, a magnetic allure that beckons travelers with promises of opulence, adventure, and timeless memories. As the curtain rises on this maritime masterpiece, allow us to guide you through the captivating tapestry that is a blue cruise in Turkey.

Embarking on an Elegant Odyssey: Gulet Charters

At the heart of this extraordinary journey stands the gulet, an epitome of elegance and sophistication. Crafted with care and designed with precision, these handcrafted wooden sailboats, often referred to as motor sailers, redefine luxury yachting. Offering exclusivity and privacy, gulet charters in Turkey pave the way for ultimate relaxation or exhilarating escapades. These vessels are not merely boats; they are floating sanctuaries, your home at sea, promising an experience beyond compare.

Weaving Destinations into Dreams: Your Voyage’s Palette

While the gulet sets the stage, the destinations on your itinerary paint vibrant strokes onto the canvas of your journey. Each port of call, each hidden bay, becomes a brushstroke that completes the mesmerizing picture of your blue cruise. Yet, it’s the symbiosis of the right crew, the tantalizing Turkish cuisine, and the impeccable service that adds depth to this masterpiece. The result is a Mediterranean-style blue voyage that captures the essence of opulence and pleasure.

A Mosaic of Possibilities: Turkey’s Gems Await

As your blue cruise holiday unfurls, a myriad of Turkish treasures unfold before you. Discover the haunting beauty of the ancient rock tombs of Caunos in Dalyan, near the bustling hub of Marmaris. Marvel at the incredible underwater city of Simena in Kekova, an archaeological marvel in the Antalya region. Or set sail from Fethiye to discover Oludeniz, a beach that has graced countless postcards.


The 12 islands of Gocek, nestled in the same region, beckon you to immerse yourself further, inviting the possibility of an overnight stay. Travel westward to the Aegean, where the sights and sounds of Bodrum’s St. Peter’s Castle await, complemented by the city’s vibrant nightlife. Dipping into history, the ancient grounds of Knidos in the Datca peninsula house the iconic statue of Aphrodite—a journey to a world’s end, where miles fade into the horizon.

Venturing Beyond: The Greek Islands Beckon

For those yearning for island-hopping, Greece’s embrace beckons with unparalleled charm. From the Dodecanese to the Cyclades and beyond, the Greek Islands offer a treasure trove of stunning beaches and captivating bays. As the gentle waves of the Aegean cradle your journey, Greece’s unique culture and beauty unfurl, inviting you to explore this timeless wonder.

A Journey Unlike Any Other: The Essence of Blue Cruise

Blue cruise holidays are a symphony of experiences, each unique to its corner of the world. In Turkey, it’s a fusion of elements—the climate, the culture, the vessel—that lends a distinct flavor to this journey. The captivating allure of blue cruise Turkey is an invitation to craft lasting memories, to embrace the adventure, and to share the joy with loved ones for generations.

The Dance of Seasons: A Glimpse into the Itinerary

The blue cruise season in Turkey extends from early April to the end of October, with May, June, September, and October offering the most idyllic yachting months. Your journey often includes one or two-night stays in vivacious harbors like Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, or Fethiye. These lively ports set the stage for exploration, but the true gems lie in the hidden coves, sunken ruins, and secluded bays waiting to be unveiled.


A Watery Wonderland: Beneath the Surface

The irresistible allure of the deep blue sea lures you with its warm embrace. Plunging into its depths is a temptation that’s hard to resist, whether you’re snorkeling to discover the underwater world or diving into the mysteries of the Mediterranean and Aegean. All blue cruise gulet charters come equipped with snorkeling gear, inviting you to immerse yourself in the wonders below. Don’t forget to capture these moments with an underwater camera—a tangible memory of the treasures beneath.

Crafting Your Unique Journey: A Custom Yacht Holiday

While an array of itineraries await, the choice is yours to embark on a tailor-made adventure. If you seek a personal touch, a custom yacht holiday rental in Turkey ensures that your journey caters to your every desire. This is your canvas; paint your voyage with the colors of your dreams.

Embrace the Call of the Sea: Your Blue Cruise Awaits

A blue cruise Turkey holiday is not just a voyage; it’s the embodiment of a dream. From the first flicker of desire to the meticulous planning, it’s a journey that begins within, sparking with passion, and culminating as you cruise into the embrace of the Mediterranean sunset. As you step aboard, you’re not just embarking on a vacation; you’re embarking on a memory that will forever grace the chapters of your life. Welcome to the timeless enchantment of blue cruise in Turkey.

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