What is Gulet Charter

What is Gulet Charter

In crewed Yacht Charters; the yachts will generally visit two or three bays in a day. There is approximately a maximum 4 hours of sailing per day and the remaining time is cruising. The last place of anchor is the bay or harbor the gulet will stay overnight. The yachts need to visit a harbor every three or four days in order to stock up on provisions such as diesel, food, beverages, water and whatever else is required for the gulet cruise.

The places of anchor are generally large and small harbours. Some will be small fishing villages and towns; while others will be busy harbors such as Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye in Turkey; and Rhodes in Greece. Turkish gulets are traditional wooden gulets. They usually cruise with its engine, but gulets also set their sails if the wind direction fits to the route and strong enough to sail. There is a one week period, and during this time the planned itinerary must be completed unless otherwise changed due to various reasons such as personal requests by the guests or weather.

What is Gulet Cruise
What is Gulet Cruise

Food & Beverages
Private gulet charters offer Blue cruise menus. However for personal requests for the menus by our guests, we can organize the shopping by our company. The menu includes a full Turkish breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or coffe service with cake and cookies and dinner. However, our guests are welcome to purchase and bring on board, their own food stocks as well.

Either way, the chef on board will cook and serve whatever has been brought on the gulet. The menu is based on tasty and traditional Turkish Cuisine. If you have any other special requests, it can be organized for you with a prior notice, so that it is ready and available before you embark.

There are soft drinks, local and imported alcoholic beverages available at bar on the gulets. If there is a drink type that you wish to have for your pleasure during your gulet cruise that may not be present at the bar, please let us know in advance. For bareboat charters you may easily find restaurants in small villages or towns where you can dine.

Many of the gulet charters we offer in our list are equipped with standard water toys and gear such as windsurf, dingy with outboard engine, ringos, canoes, fishing and snorkeling gear.

There are many alternative water sports. You can also enjoy the fun and excitement with jet-skiing, water-skiing, banana boat riding at reasonable prices. These activities are organised by water sports companies located in different bays when visited. Once the boat is moored our guests can visit archaeological ruins, have a little trek into the pine forests and explore the magnificent coastline that both Turkey and Greece have to offer. There are many other options in how you can spend your leisure time during your gulet holidays.

What is Gulet Cruise
What is Gulet Cruise

During your blue voyage travels, you can join to land excursions to the nearby local towns, ancient sites and cities as well as natural attractions – which may be great for taking photos and videos.




Gulet Charter
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