Blue Cruise In The Turkish Aegean And Dodecanese

Blue Cruise In The Turkish Aegean And Dodecanese

One Week Private Blue Cruise In The Turkish Aegean And Dodecanes

Discover a light and easy going private gulet cruise in the Southern Aegean of Turkey. The journey leads you into Greek waters where you will enjoy a splendid visit to one of the most popular islands in the Dodecanese. Symi is a picturesque island, decorated with neo-classical architecture in shades of pastels.

Depending on the time of your arrival to the harbor, your embarkation begins in the lush green and blue paradise city of Marmaris. Boarding is at 3:00 pm. After a brief orientation, you have the choice of setting course away from the Marmaris harbor to the quiet and serene compounds of Cennet Island nearby for beautiful dinner and overnight stay. As an alternative, the Marmaris waterfront offers an array of shops, cafes and bars, as well as a well designed promenade stretching to the next town of Icmeler. Should you decide to stay moored in Marmaris, you will have your first dining experience on board your luxury yacht charter.

The following morning, depending on your decision of where to overnight, you will either wake up in the harbor or in the tranquil waters by Cennet Island. A fulfilling Turkish breakfast will be served. However you may wish to go for that morning swim while your breakfast is being prepared. Your customs formalities to exit will have been done from the day before (in most cases); and then it’s off to the exciting island of Rhodes – the largest in the Dodecanese.

There are many beautiful beaches some populated with tourists and others not as much. Since your whole day will be spent in and around this island, there are a variety of activities and sightseeing available to you. You can make your visit slow paced and relaxing or full of action. There is something for everyone in Rhodes. From shopping, bars, cafes, clubs, beaches, and historical sites such as the Medieval Old Town where you can see the Palace of the Grand Master and stroll along the cobblestone Avenue of the Knights. Speak to your captain about visiting some of the beaches in Rhodes as this depends on the sea and weather conditions at the time. Lunch and dinner will be enjoyed in Rhodes, followed by an overnight stay.

Day three of your blue cruise travels will lead you during the early morning hours to the impressive island of Symi. One of the most favored islands in the Dodecanese. Once there, you will have the time to explore the ancient sites and stroll about the town. Some travellers have enjoyed renting a scooter to explore the islands places of interest. You and your guests will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner in Symi with an overnight stay.

The fourth day will take you back into Turkish waters. Your first destination will be the charming town of Bozburun. What’s there to do in Bozburun? Other than take in all of the beautiful and peaceful surroundings, enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of any one of the small bays, there are a few other activities to consider. Bozburun is one of the prime locations where Turkish gulets are built. Shipyards and backyards are filled with the quality craftsmanship of these wooden boats. A local tour of these sites may prove to add a bit of culture to your trip. In addition, the town is lovely. There you will find a few charming seafood restaurants and some local shops. Bozburun is where you will enjoy the delights of your meals and snacks. Tea time is especially pleasurable during sunset with the reflections of the boats in the water.

The second last full day will include two destinations. Bozukkale and Serce Port. Bozukkale is the ancient site of Loryma, dating back to 10 B.C. Here you can explore the ruins of the castle, nine towers and walls. A well preserved site, the views from atop are worth a few captures on camera. There is a great deal of history held in the region. Following a leisure time in Bozukkale, it off for a cruise to port of Serce. It is a small bay where boats choose to moor due to the tranquility. It is also possible to go for a trek to the village of Taslica for a cup of Turkish coffee at one of the local coffeehouse among the villagers.

On the seventh day it is time to complete the return trip to the bay of Marmaris. You have the choice of either spending your day in the beautiful Kumlubuk bay where you will find a good stretch of sandy beach and enjoy a variety of waters sports; or Cennet Island.

After an overnight stay in either Kumlubuk or Cennet island, it is a cruise during the early morning hours to Marmaris harbor. Breakfast will be served and then it’s time to bid farewell to the captain and crew, taking your blue cruise travel memories home with you.

Please note that this itinerary is intended for private yacht charters. Not shared cabin charter cruises.