English On Turkish Gulets

English On  Turkish Gulets

As one of the most popular languages in the world, English is spoken as a second language in most countries. When it comes to gulets in Turkey, there can be limitations. These limitations can be an issue in communication, depending on the degree of English that is required to be spoken on board the  boats, between the crew and the guests.

Gulets are available in different classes. They start with the standard/economical class, then a level up to luxury, deluxe, ultra deluxe and VIP. As for the level of English on board these boats, there are differences – big differences. This is an issue that is commonly experienced and not informed as much as it should be to travelers on blue cruise holidays. So here is what you can expect in the level of English on board various standards of gulet charters in Turkey.

Gulet Charter Turkey

To employ a very good English speaking crew member or members, means for the boat owner, much higher costs in wages. As such this is reflected in the value of a gulet charter.


Economic or Standard gulets; the English is very limited – literally. The captain may know enough to just get by and not understand completely, except for the odd gulet where the captain is the owner and has educated him/herself to communicate satisfactory enough to, for instance, plot out a route and discuss with the guests on board.

Luxury gulets; The chances of an English speaking crew member, members, or captain is possible. Depending on the boat, the level of English can be sufficient for basic communication – nothing higher level. But sometimes this may not be enough – depending on the volume and degree of English needed to speak with the guests on board.

Deluxe gulets; at this standard of gulet, there is bound to be average to intermediate level of English speaking available on board by one or more crew personnel.

Ultra Deluxe gulets; again this standard of gulet, you can expect the captain to be fully efficient in his/her level of English. Therefore it is rare to experience any problems in communication with guests. Also on board these gulets, you will find that more than one crew member speaks good English as well.

VIP Gulets; high level of English is available by more than one crew member, including the captain and chef on this standard of gulet or sailing yacht.

There is the odd gulet that will have someone on board who has a very good command of the English language – such as in the deluxe, luxury, and standard class gulets. However do not expect it. It is best to ask your agent or at least let them know what you do expect. Sometimes, not often, an arrangement can be made to have on board a crew member – specific to your request with a very good level of English. Another alternative is to hire a Professional Guide for the duration of your trip with good level of English speaking skills.

Gulet Charter Turkey

Travelers can get by with the simplest of communication with the crews of gulets – many do. However anything further requires better knowledge of English from the crew member(s); and this is only possible based on request or the class of gulet.


As professional agents of PLATIN YACHTING, we encourage all gulet owners we work with, to have at least one crew member – especially the captain, with a good knowledge of English – no matter the class of gulet. However since we do not have the control in who is hired, it is hard to make it happen.  Lack of English in a foreign country can be a downside, so sometimes it is simply best to accept and make the best of it.

Alternatively, at Platin Yachting, we DO have a good command of the English language, and are always available to assist in the event of communication problems during your gulet holidays. The most cost effective way to reach us from the boat, is to request the use of the captain’s mobile, and phone us. 🙂



Navigating Language Waters on Turkish Gulets: A Closer Look at Communication

Worldwide, English stands tall as one of the most widely spoken languages, bridging gaps across cultures and continents. However, when it comes to the enchanting realm of Turkish gulets, communication can sometimes hit choppy waters due to language limitations. Let’s delve into the nuances of English proficiency on these traditional vessels and explore how it impacts the onboard experience.

Class Distinctions: From Standard to VIP

Gulets, those iconic Turkish wooden sailing yachts, come in a spectrum of classes – from economical standard to opulent VIP. However, what often remains unsaid is that the level of English spoken on these vessels can vary significantly, lending itself to an underdiscussed aspect of blue cruise holidays.

Standard Gulets: If you find yourself aboard a standard or economic gulet, prepare for minimal English interaction. The captain might possess just enough English skills to navigate basic tasks, with understanding being limited.

Luxury Gulets: As you ascend the ladder to luxury gulets, the odds of encountering an English-speaking crew member or even a captain increase. While communication might be sufficient for rudimentary conversations, more complex exchanges could pose a challenge.

Deluxe Gulets: Expect to find an intermediate level of English proficiency among the crew on deluxe gulets. Here, basic communication becomes more manageable, fostering a smoother guest experience.

Ultra Deluxe Gulets: At this level, captains are likely to have a strong command of English, ensuring seamless interactions with guests. Additionally, multiple crew members might boast competent English skills, adding to the onboard ease.

VIP Gulets: The VIP category sets the bar high, ensuring that not only the captain but multiple crew members, including the chef, are fluent in English. This ensures an elevated level of service and communication throughout the voyage.


Setting Expectations: Making Informed Choices

While the occasional gulet might surprise you with a crew member who speaks excellent English, it’s unwise to rely on such exceptions. To avoid miscommunication, it’s prudent to consult your agent and express your language preferences. In some instances, arrangements might be made to accommodate your request for a highly proficient English speaker on board.

Agent Insights: PLATIN YACHTING’s Approach

At PLATIN YACHTING, the importance of effective communication isn’t overlooked. They strive to encourage gulet owners to have at least one crew member with a solid grasp of English, irrespective of the gulet’s class. However, the challenge lies in the hands of owners during the hiring process. Although the lack of English fluency can be a drawback, PLATIN YACHTING’s dedicated team offers assistance to bridge any communication gaps during your gulet escapade.

A Lifeline in Troubled Waters

Should you find yourself facing language barriers on the high seas, PLATIN YACHTING provides a beacon of support. Their team’s fluency in English ensures that even amidst the linguistic maze, guests can reach out and have their concerns addressed promptly. The captain’s mobile becomes a lifeline, allowing travelers to easily connect with the shore and overcome any communication hurdles.

In the enchanting world of Turkish gulets, effective communication serves as the wind in your sails, propelling your journey towards unparalleled experiences. While language limitations might occasionally cloud the horizon, proactive planning and the support of dedicated agents ensure that your voyage remains a smooth and memorable one.

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