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Kos Island

One of the most visited islands in the Dodecanese, Kos offers many advantages for travelers who have embarked on a yacht charter Turkey holiday. Easy direct flights are possibly to Kos Island from various countries in Europe and other parts of the globe. It’s a flat island, therefore if you decided to tour the island scenically by bike, it is possible and won’t wear you out. Historically, Kos is home of Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine. The island offers a castle, with other impressive ruins dating back to 3rd Century B.C. Considered one of the livelier islands in the Dodecanese after Rhodes, Kos provide a good selection of bars, restaurants and shops; and the streets are quite lively during the summer until the late hours of the night. The island may not be for everyone. Should you be seeking more peaceful surroundings, the outskirts of the town itself will be quieter.

Kos Island is situated in the southeastern Aegean Sea and south of the island of Kalymnos; north of Nisyros island, and southwest from the shores of Turkey. Kos is the 3rd largest island in the Dodecanese. The island offers a mixture of Venetian and Ottoman architecture. There are variety of beaches to enjoy during your visit. There are some interesting sightseeing available of ancient sites such as the Medieval Castle, the Ancient Agora, a Roman Odeon, the famous Asklepieion (ancient healing centre) – all within walking distance from the town centre.


Many gulet cruises from Bodrum, Turkey and other parts of the Turkish coastline visit Kos Island which makes for a great addition to the itinerary.

Kos Island: A Jewel of the Dodecanese Awaiting Your Yacht Charter Adventure

Nestled within the embrace of the Dodecanese, Kos Island stands as a captivating gem that beckons travelers from around the world. Embarking on a yacht charter Turkey holiday unveils the treasures of this alluring destination, where history, natural beauty, and vibrant culture converge. As you sail across the azure expanse, let’s delve into the advantages that make Kos Island a must-visit stop on your maritime odyssey.

1. Accessible Allure:

Kos Island’s allure is further amplified by its accessibility. Direct flights link this captivating destination to various corners of Europe and beyond. For those seeking an effortless journey to their dream yacht charter holiday, Kos Island’s convenient connections serve as a welcoming gateway.

2. An Island of Pleasing Terrain:

Imagine exploring an island where scenic wonders unfold without taxing your energy. Kos Island’s flat terrain is a delight for travelers seeking to traverse its beauty by bike. The island’s enchanting landscapes unfold effortlessly, promising an exploration that invigorates rather than exhausts.

3. A Historical Tapestry:

Kos Island’s historical significance is woven into the fabric of Western medicine itself. As the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of medical wisdom, the island resonates with centuries of healing heritage. The echoes of the past resound through its ancient ruins, including a mesmerizing castle and remnants dating back to the 3rd century B.C. Every stone whispers tales of a bygone era.


4. A Lively Haven:

Kos Island emerges as a vibrant haven within the Dodecanese archipelago. Vibrating with energy, it offers a spectrum of experiences for every traveler. Like a painter’s palette, the island splashes hues of lively bars, enticing restaurants, and charming shops across its streets. As the sun sets, the island’s streets come alive, keeping the spirit of summer aglow until the late hours.

5. Serene Sanctuaries:

Yet, Kos Island isn’t confined to its bustling heart. Those seeking tranquility will find their haven in the outskirts, where the whispers of nature create a serene symphony. Peaceful surroundings invite contemplation, making it a perfect escape for those yearning for a quieter retreat.

6. Island Geography and Architecture:

Positioned in the southeastern Aegean Sea, Kos Island’s geographical splendor is enhanced by its historical architecture. A blend of Venetian and Ottoman influences weaves a tale of cultural diversity that’s mirrored in every corner, adding depth to the island’s character.

7. Exploring Ancient Treasures:

History enthusiasts and wanderers will find their haven in Kos Island’s ancient sites. A stroll from the town center will lead you to the Medieval Castle, the Ancient Agora, a Roman Odeon, and the renowned Asklepieion—an ancient healing center. These sites echo with the whispers of ages past, offering a captivating glimpse into the island’s storied history.

8. A Yacht Charter Highlight:

For those embarking on gulet cruises from Bodrum and other Turkish coastline points, Kos Island presents an enticing addition to your itinerary. A convergence of natural beauty, historical splendor, and vibrant culture awaits, making it a highlight of your maritime journey.

Kos Island isn’t merely a destination; it’s a chapter waiting to be written in the story of your yacht charter Turkey holiday. Its allure transcends landscapes and history, weaving a tapestry of experiences that will linger in your heart long after you’ve sailed away.

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