North Dodecanese Islands Aegean Yacht Charter

North Dodecanese Islands On A Unique Aegean Yacht Charter For A Week

If you’re excited about a stunning blue cruise holiday in the Greek Islands, with easy access to the harbor, then this itinerary might just be right for you and your special guests this season. Elegant gulets, attentive crews, delicious Mediterranean dishes – fresh and plentiful, amazing sunrises and sunsets and of course a plethora of lovely beaches and places of interest to see are just some of the wonderful features in a Aegean blue voyage holiday.

Your private yacht charter in Greece will be waiting for you and your guests to arrive in the harbor of Kos Island. With a short transfer time, you will be guided to your gulet for a one week long, wonderful journey through the Greek Islands in the North Dodecanese. This trip is best traveled during the months of May, June, September and October as the Meltemi winds are quite active during July and August. However of course the choice is yours. The gulets are available during July and August as well should you decide to travel then.

North Dodecanese Islands Aegean Yacht Charter North Dodecanese Islands Aegean Yacht Charter[/caption]


Day 1 – Kos Island

Kos is one of the largest islands in the Dodecanese. There are many places to explore before leaving on your Greece yacht charter vacation. Boarding begins at around 15:30 hours. You and your guests will go through an orientation on the boat, crew and itinerary. As you will be traveling on a Turkish gulet, customs formalities will also be done by the captain before you leave. You first night will be spent in Kos harbor. However, you are welcome to discuss with the captain the choice in leaving the harbor to a quieter bay nearby for your first night on board.


The Father of Medical Sciences, Hippocrates is known to have been born in Kos (Asclepion). Back in the days, inhabitants of Kos were treated here in formerly Istankoy. Kos offers a mild climate, typical Eastern Mediterranean with a 290km beach. Lambi beach is nearby Kos Island harbor, so you may like to have a swim while there. A few interesting facts include a 560 year old tree and 211 year old fountain. Kos boasts an wide selection of establishments for nightlife where streets are filled with bars and night clubs and always crowded during the season – quite a colorful scene.


For your first breakfast on board, your gulet will be traveling to the lovely island of Pserimos. Afterwards there will be a swimming break and leisure time to do what you feel like doing such as exploring the island shops and streets. Then it’s off to the the island of Leros. It is a mountainous island with lush green cliffs and an assortment of small bays and villages. Shortly after a refreshing lunch break, you and your guests will be offered more leisure time to swim, etc. in Xerakampos. The gulet will anchor in Lakki harbor or Agia Marina Port located to the east. It might give you an opportunity to explore the main city, Platanos. The area offers steep steps, narrow streets and stunning flower gardens. There is also the castle of Leros – reached by taking the steps from Platanos. But note that there are 300 of those steps! Alternatively you could always rent a bike. However a walk might prove to show you many more things along the way.



In the early hours of the morning of this day, your gulet will be cruising to the island of Patmos. Again more leisure time, some swimming and snorkeling may be a nice start to the day. According to history, this is the place where St. John had completed the last part of ‘The Apocalypse of John. Patmos is occasionally referred to as ‘The Jerusalem of the Aegean’. In the nearby village of Chora, you will find The Monastery of St. Johns. Based on myth, Patmos Island was a gift from Zeus to his daughter Artemis – Goddess of Hunting. In those times, she was apparently worshiped here. The Monastery of St. John was known to be built on top her temple. After touring the islands treasured places, such as the other monasteries, your overnight stay and dinner will be in a lovely quiet bay.


On your fourth day, after breakfast, it’s time to set course to Lipsi Island. Upon arrival you will have some free time, swimming and enjoy this lovely small island. Here you will find beautiful sandy beaches such as Platis and Giolos – offering clear emerald waters and magnificent scenery. Explore the many tavernas, cafes and restaurants all located within walking distance in the natural harbor. Patmos features the Church of the Catopanaghia, built in the 7th Century and the 15th Century Church of Panopanaghia.


This beautiful Greek Island, is one of the most often visited island in the Dodecanese. Kalymnos Island offers something for everyone here. Upon arrival on your 5th day of yacht holidays in the Greek Aegean, you will have time to yourselves for swimming and exploring the island from Pothia harbor – the capital. Pleasant beaches such as Massouri, Mirties and Vlyhadia are located around the island to enjoy; swimming, snorkeling – and you might even see some shipwrecks if diving. Places to visit can include some local shopping, dining at any one of the local restaurants or tavernas. Kalymnos is renown for its rock climbing festival held annually in September.


Well, it’s the day before the last day of your spectacular yacht vacation in the North Dodecanese. On this day your boat will be returning to Kos, and staying overnight in the harbor. This may give you a chance to see the places that you missed on the day of your embarkation and maybe top up on your Greek Island shopping.


This is the day of your last blue cruise breakfast on board your private yacht. You and your guests will be disembarking shortly afterwards with hopes that you have had one of the best vacations in this part of the globe.

Please note that this itinerary is intended for private yacht charters. Not shared cabin charter cruises.

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