Fethiye Gulet Charter

Fethiye Gulet Charter

Fethiye is a fascinating city full of life and much to see. It offers a large harbor, quite popular by yachtsmen and gulet cruise travelers alike. From the waterfront to the city centre, all around you can find plenty of cafes, restaurants, shops, night clubs in the hisaronu area and other places of interest in this busy harbor city. Located ideally along the turquoise waters of the Eastern Mediterranean, Fethiye is host to many great festivities and yachting shows throughout the year.

About Fethiye Yacht Charter Tours

If you are going to be spending an overnight stay in the harbor prior to your blue cruise journey, have no doubt that a Fethiye yacht charter will offer you plenty of sights to keep you pleased before you embark the following morning.

The region is surrounded by splendid little islands and charming little bays full of amazing beauty and history. During the summer, the traffic at sea is known to be quite high due to the popularity of the area.

A private yacht charter from Fethiye to nearby sea ventures to the world reknown town of Gocek and its 12 islands will leave you fully satisfied with its breathtaking scenery.

A nearby stop over to Oludeniz, otherwise known as the Dead Sea or Blue Lagoon is quite a favored place to anchor. Peace and quiet, adventure and fun; the Fethiye region has it all. Why not embark on a Turkish sailboat charter from Fethiye and see the wonders of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Gulet charter Fethiye holidays is great fun for the family!


Dalaman International Airport is less than an hour from Fethiye


Fethiye Yacht Charter Routes

Route 1Route 2Route 3Route 4Route 5Route 6
gobun bayrhodeskizil islandoludenizbutterfly valleykocabuk
manastir baysymiaga portgemiler islandoludenizaga port
sarsala baybozburunekincik baykalkangemiler islandkumlubuku
bedri rahmi baybozukkaledalyankasyeslikoycennet island
kille bukuekincik baybozukkalekekovakasmarmaris
gunluklu baydalyanbozburunucagizkekovaekincik bay
gocektersane islandselimiyedemreucagizdalyan
yassica islandmanastir bayorhaniyegokkaya baydemregobun bay
tersane islanddomuz islandbencik bayolymposgokkaya baymanastir bay
domuz islandkizil islanddatcaadrasankaputas beachbedri rahmi bay
kizil islandfethiyepalamutbukuporto cenevizkalkanyassica island
fethiye knidosphaselisturunc pinaritersane island
  orak islandkemersamanlik baykizil island
Route 7Route 8Route 9Route 10Route 11
kizil islandtersane islandtersane islandtersane islandbutterfly valley
aga portaga portaga portaga portoludeniz
ekincik bayekincik bayekincik bayekincik baygemiler island
dalyandalyandalyandalyankaputas beach
bozukkalebozukkalebozukkalebozukkalekekova ucagiz
tilospalamutbukutilosorak islandkemer
nisirosaktur baynisirosbodrumporto ceneviz
gyalibencik baygyalimersincik bayphaselis
kos islandemel sayin baykos islandpalamutbukuadrasan
bodrumorhaniyebodrumaktur bayfinike
 selimiyeknidosbencik baygokkaya bay
 kadirga baypalamutbukuemel sayin baydemre
 marmarisaktur bayorhaniyekas
 kocabukbencik bayselimiyekalkan
 gobun bayserce portserce portturunc pinari
 manastir baykadirga baykadirga baysamanlik bay
 sarsala baykocabukkocabukkizil island
 bedri rahmi baygobun baymanastir bayfethiye
 domuz islandmanastir baysarsala bay 
 kizil islandsarsala baybedri rahmi bay 
 fethiyebedri rahmi baydomuz island 
  domuz islandkizil island 
  kizil islandfethiye 

Fethiye: A Vibrant Harbor City Beckons with Charms Aplenty

Nestled along the enchanting turquoise waters of the Eastern Mediterranean, the bustling city of Fethiye unfolds as a captivating haven, bustling with life and brimming with an array of captivating experiences. From its bustling harbor to the heart of the city, Fethiye offers an irresistible blend of culture, relaxation, and excitement that appeals to yachtsmen, gulet cruise enthusiasts, and adventure seekers alike.

A Harbor Alive with Activity

Fethiye’s expansive harbor serves as a magnet for yachtsmen and travelers embarking on gulet cruises. As the sun casts its golden hues upon the waterfront, the city comes alive with a dynamic array of cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and nightclubs, beckoning visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere. The lively Hisaronu area presents a vibrant nightlife, adding to the city’s allure. Fethiye is not just a destination; it’s a journey within itself, promising endless exploration and discovery.

Festivities and Yachting Splendors

Graced with an ideal location, Fethiye stands as a hub for various festivities and yachting shows throughout the year. Set against the backdrop of the Eastern Mediterranean’s azure expanse, these events add a touch of excitement and celebration to the city’s already vibrant spirit. From captivating cultural festivals to impressive yachting showcases, Fethiye’s calendar is a testament to its role as a dynamic coastal gem.

Embarking on Fethiye Yacht Charter Tours

Prior to setting sail on your blue cruise adventure, Fethiye offers a treasure trove of sights to explore during your overnight stay. The city’s allure is enhanced by its proximity to picturesque islands and charming bays, each brimming with history and natural beauty. The summer months bring a flurry of maritime activity as yachts and vessels navigate these coveted waters, drawn by the region’s undeniable appeal.


Fethiye’s Nautical Treasures

A private yacht charter from Fethiye unveils a realm of nautical treasures, from the alluring town of Gocek to its enchanting 12 islands. The scenery that unfurls along this voyage leaves an indelible mark on travelers, capturing the essence of the Mediterranean’s breathtaking allure. Oludeniz, aptly known as the Dead Sea or Blue Lagoon, emerges as a favored anchorage, inviting visitors to relish in tranquility and embark on thrilling adventures.

Adventures for All Ages

The Fethiye region offers a harmonious blend of peace and quiet, adventure and excitement, making it a haven for families seeking a versatile holiday experience. The diversity of activities ensures that every member of the family, young or old, finds their ideal slice of paradise amidst these captivating shores.

Ease of Access: Dalaman International Airport

For those eager to embark on their Fethiye escapade, the convenience of access cannot be understated. Dalaman International Airport, situated less than an hour away, serves as a gateway to this coastal paradise. The seamless journey from airport to harbor ensures that your Fethiye adventure begins the moment you touch down.

In the heart of Fethiye, the Mediterranean’s allure intertwines with vibrant culture, making every moment a cherished memory. From its lively harbor to its captivating islands, the city beckons travelers with open arms, promising an experience that seamlessly blends relaxation, exploration, and the undeniable magic of the Eastern Mediterranean.

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